Books by Dean Zatkowsky


E Pluribus Kinko's: A Story of Business, Democracy, and Freaky Smart People.

Featuring interviews with the founder, partners, executives, and frontline coworkers, E Pluribus Kinko’s describes how a democratic business structure helped Kinko’s grow and profit for thirty years, and how the loss of democracy contributed to the company’s decline and eventual disappearance.

“A spell-binding, must-read story that deftly illustrates the power of democracy to give any company a powerful competitive advantage - and a bit of magic.”

 - Traci Fenton, WorldBlu, Inc.

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Two Billion Dollars in Nickels: Reflections on the Entrepreneurial Life

by Paul Orfalea and Dean Zatkowsky

A collection of essays on ownership, judgment, and self-knowledge by Kinko’s founder Paul Orfalea. 

As the economy staggers from the excesses of self-obsessed CEOs, here is a reminder that devoting oneself to the welfare of customers and coworkers can bring great financial and personal success.

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The Entrepreneurial Investor: The Art, Science, and Business of Value Inveseting

“Paul and his team say in few words what legions of so-called Wall Street brainiacs have tried in endless volumes. Only these guys do it with flare and wit and real-life success”

-from the foreword by Neil Cavuto

“A wonderful, insightful collection of common sense and uncommon wisdom, written in a pleasantly entertaining fashion.”

-Vitaliy Katsenelson, CFA

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